Becoming Psychic

When you say ‘psychic abilities,’ what attitude comes to mind? For the general public, it’s often one of derision. However, it might surprise you to know that what’s really true is that more people believe in psychic powers than don’t believe in them. That should not be surprising, since psychics have always been a central force in popular culture.

Whether it was Nostradamus during his time, or today’s popular psychic John Edwards, psychics have been both revered and reviled because of their special gifts. Why? It’s very human to both fear and mistrust what we can’t understand — or don’t want to. In fact, psychics such as Sylvia Brown often have a large following of fans who seek to learn from them. While there will always be those who don’t believe in these powers or who are made uncomfortable by the simple idea of a psychic, but most people have a general acceptance that there are psychics amongst us.

Most psychics have some form of ESP, or Extra Sensory Perception. This simply means they see or somehow know things about the past, present, and future that most other people have no way of knowing.

It is not known how many people possess these types of psychic abilities, but if one were to use simple reason, the answer might be that relatively few people can actually do this. However, that may be because most psychics have never had any kind of formal training, and therefore can’t access the gifts they have within them nonetheless. They may occasionally realize that they’re different, and they may have special abilities to see information others don’t, but they probably dismiss this as ‘intuition.’ Never, ever would they call themselves ‘psychic.’ After all, fortunetellers and tarot card readers often call themselves psychics, even when they are just putting on an act. Since this is a bit mysterious and entertaining, most people are willing to play along and even shell out a few dollars for a reading, even if they don’t believe the person truly has a gift.

That is not to say that everyone who calls themselves a psychic is just an actress. There are some true psychics who do very important things in our society. They help look for missing children and have been known to give valuable clues to law enforcement. Some of their leads have led to the arrest of criminals or to solving difficult cases.

Have you ever thought whether you have psychic powers? I know you are smiling and shaking your head. There are however many psychics who are born with psychic abilities. Most of them never get the chance to develop their abilities and disregard their wonderful gift. Psychic training is no longer such a ridiculous idea. Many people have gone through training and have been amazed by the powers within themselves.

How To Get Started

You may be wondering how you get started with psychic training. The first step in psychic training is to learn how to clear your psyche. This is done by removing as many negative emotions, feelings, and thoughts as you possibly can. This can be accomplished with deep meditation and relaxation techniques.

Anybody who’s really psychic will say that fear and negativity clogs the mind and senses, this will make it much more difficult if not impossible to access your psychic abilities. Meditation is also helpful in other situations. If you’re under stress, for example, you can meditate to relieve that stress. That, in turn, is going to automatically help you tap into your psychic abilities, even though you may not realize it at the moment.


Becoming Psychic

Efforts in psychic training will be greatly rewarded by a consistent practice of meditation. A serious student will often find a remote place outdoors or somewhere quiet within their own home and spent at least a half hour each day clearing the mind. Because this first step in psychic training is critical, be sure you are diligent and perform the sessions every single day. You will find that any progress you may have made can vanish if you take a break from your mediation sessions.

Deep breathing techniques are an essential part of meditation as well, because they will help you release any negative energy you have, and will open up psychic abilities you might have as well.

Everyone moves through psychic training at their own pace. Some will adapt quickly and feel their natural abilities right away while others will move forward more slowly, perhaps with some lingering caution at first.

Tarot Cards

The next step is a very simple and enjoyable one. You simply purchase a deck of tarot cards. Since tarot cards are physical objects, they are usually extremely helpful for beginners to learn to focus their newly discovered psychic abilities.

Remember to have fun with the tarot cards and be patient. Get lots and lots of practice. Offer to give your family members and friends free readings. If you take the time needed you will find that your abilities will quickly become clearer, sharper, and easier to control.

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