psychic abilitiesIntuition is perhaps the most every day and commonplace of psychic abilities. Every person has some degree of these abilities which can be used to help others. Some people have very strong powers, but others have latent ones which need to be hones in order to be used. However, before you do anything, you will need to know what psychic abilities are out there and which ones of these you could possibly have. Here are some of the most common psychic powers explained:

Basic Psychic Abilities

Clairaudience: This is an ability with which you can hear messages from your spirit guides and angels. These are usually heard telepathically, but some psychics are also able to hear these messages through their ears.

Clairvoyance: This is an ability through which you can receive visual messages through what is often known as ‘third eye’. Clairvoyants may also be able to receive visual impressions from the higher powers and guides.

Clairsentience: This ability is one through which you are able to experience the energies and emotions around you. You can simply touch someone and feel the emotions they are experiencing. Clairsentients are also often known as empaths.

Intuition: As discussed earlier, intuition is one of the most common of the psychic abilities. Those who have a highly developed sense of intuition are able to receive messages from their higher powers. There are several types of intuition such as medical intuition which can be used to treat medical condition.

Higher Psychic Abilities

Automatic writing: This ability allows you to perform divine writing so that you can write down the wisdom imparted to you by higher powers. You also gain a higher consciousness and can communicate with angels and spirit guides regularly with relative ease.

Channeling: Channeling is the ability to receive messages from the higher powers or from people who have moved on to another world. You can simply channel the energies that surround you and deliver the information that is passed on to you. Most psychics, who use this ability, usually pass this information verbally.

Extra sensory perception: This is an ability that allows you to receive information beyond your five senses. There are the five known senses, and some people can receive information from spirits and guides through their sixth sense, or extra sensory perception.

Dowsing: A dowsing tool is required to use this psychic ability. A dowsing tool such as a pendulum is usually ideal in such a situation. Dowsing is usually used for locating specific resources such as metals, water or lost items.

Mediums: Mediums are people who can communicate with spirits by channeling their residual energies. Mediums also often help people communicate with their dead relatives.

Psychometry: this is a special psychic ability through which you can receive information by touching objects. You can sense the energy of the owner of these objects by merely touching them.

Remote Viewing: perhaps the most scientific of all psychic abilities, remote viewing can help psychics view people, places and events remotely in both time as well as space.

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