Regardless of how you look at it, life on earth is influenced by four dimensions, namely; up and down, left to right, forward and backwards, as well as time. New discoveries about the true size of the universe indicate that ‘all we see is not all there is.’ Not only are there four dimensions, there are eleven dimensions in total; it is believed that the 11th dimension leads to parallel universes. Speaking of parallel universes, four different kinds have been theorized. It said that there are Level 1, 2, 3 and 4; let us examine all four.

Parallel Universe: The Four Levels

Level 1 parallel universe exists in the same space as ours, in other words; within the same universe, however we are unable to see it because it is so far away. At Level 1, picture many earth like planets at farthest depths of our universe.

At Level 2 things get slightly complicated, that is, many, many, universes existing side by side; some have compared it to bubbles, or rather cosmic bubbles among mega bubbles. Picture an ocean of bubbles where each bubble holds a universe within it, furthermore, picture copies of earths within the universes that are within these never-ending bubbles.

At Level 3 we return to earth, Level 3 is described as ‘here’ within the same space as ours, unlike Level 1 that is deep in the universe, Level 3 is here on earth, as described by a scientist “You could have dinosaurs running through you living room—But you can’t see them  because they are in another dimension.”  Levels 1, 2, and 3 may have life in it, you will find within these three levels, universes, earths and many copies of you.

At Level 4 the laws of physics break down, that is to say, imagine a lifeless universe, where everything is absolutely different, because it is governed by a different law.

Parallel Universe: The Four Levels

While some are busy looking for unknown flying objects, we have here within our immediate space unknown hidden dimensions. Einstein theorized that it is possible to travel to another time by going through a wormhole and scientists believe that such travel could be the key to entering parallel worlds. Earth as we know it came into being and it can cease to be, the continued existence of mankind could lie in unlocking the secrets of the parallel universe, that is, somewhere new to call home. Some have argued that an advanced civilization may be able to burn a hole into the fabric of space time in the distant future.

Who knows, maybe our other copies on the other side will reach us first! What do you think?

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