Remote viewing is purely scientificThere is often a lot of confusion concerning a remote viewer and a psychic. A lot of people use these two terms interchangeably. However, the fact is, remote viewer and psychic are very different from each other. Though both of these have similar roles, they are different in principle and in the way they work.

The only great similarity between a remote viewer and a psychic is that both of them are able to acquire knowledge, without being bound by the everyday constraints of space and time. Remote viewing is a specialized field within the field of psychics. They do tap into the psyche of people and they are even able to view the person they are targeting, but all psychics do not have these specific powers.

What is Remote Viewing?

Remote viewing, as discussed earlier, is a specific field in which there are specific rules. Each remote viewer is bound by a set protocol and guidelines, which are not applicable to other, generic psychics. A psychic is not bound by many rules, whereas a remote viewer performs his work in a controlled environment.  One of the biggest differences between a remote viewer and psychic is that the psychic can use the tools of their choice, for providing readings. Some of the popular tools used by psychics include tarot cards and crystal balls.

What Does the Remote Viewer Do?

For a remote viewer, making observations is more of a scientific activity. The entire process of practice for them is scientific and though they do use different strategies, approaches and practices during their sessions, each session follows a basic structure and discipline. A remote viewer may perform a session alone or have an interviewer along. In either case, the remote viewer does not have any prior information on the client. The viewer gets all the information about the client through psychic processes.

How are Remote Viewers Different From Psychics?

While most psychics may perform a cold reading before giving a final reading on their client, a remote viewer does not do that. Remote viewers use a specific practice known as the double blind method, in which they have no information about the client and the client has no information about the remote viewer. This way, the session and the psychic process is not contaminated in any manner.

Per remote viewers, there are many advantages of controlling the environment. In a way, remote viewing is a formal scientific study of the abilities of a psychic. The main aim of remote viewing is to bring credibility to the work of psychics and to disprove any notions that psychics are not genuine and do not have any real abilities, but only create an illusion of knowing things about the client.

This, however, does not mean that remote viewers are superior in any way – just that they are more scientific in their approach and that their sessions are reported for the advancement of the discipline. Remote viewers are specially trained to perform this process and the biggest advantage of this training is that the data collected in each of the sessions cannot be denied.

Are you a Remote Viewer or are you Psychic?

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