psychic testEach individual who walks the earth has some hidden psychic ability or potential. Those who go on to become great and renowned psychics are those who simply find out about their hidden potential and work to hone it. Some, of course, are born with a gift that others may not possess – psychic abilities that are a little more than what others have. You can, however, test yourself to see if you have any of these revered psychic abilities.

Test Psychic Abilities at Home

Before you test your psychic abilities, it is important to get yourself in the correct frame of mind. The most accurate of results are only obtained when you prepare yourself and your environment for the testing. Begin with selecting a quiet place for your test. Remove yourself from any distractions. Switch off the telephone ringer, television and any other potential source of noise. Be sure that you are dressed comfortably and have a comfortable place to sit in. Have a small snack or a meal before you begin with your test. Since you will need to have complete concentration for this process, it is best to prepare yourself in the best possible manner and think of all potential disturbances. You may also want to take a brief bathroom break before you proceed.

Beginning the Psychic Abilities Test

Testing psychic abilities is not child’s play. True psychic abilities are not really quantifiable, but the aim of these tests is to check whether the abilities are there at all. It is also important to note that psychic abilities may not always show themselves, so it is best to test yourself several times, through a period of several days. The average of the results that you get from your several tests, can help you get the information that you needed. You can find the reference ranges for your test results online.

Also keep in mind that there are a lot of different psychic abilities. One of these abilities may be very strong and predominant, while the others are not, so you may get varying results on the same tests.

How to Test Yourself

There are a lot of tests available online. However, you can use a deck of playing cards to test your telepathy. Simply shuffle the deck of cards and place about 10 cards face down on a table in front of you. Concentrate hard at the cards and try to guess the number and the suite of the card. Keep the information to yourself and after the test is finished, check the cards to see how many of them you got right.

You may also involve a friend and ask them to check the cards after you determine their number and suite. This will help you keep a more accurate track of your results. Perform this test several times, with varying number of cards. Shuffle the deck each time to avoid inadvertent tampering with the test results. This test, however, can only determine your telepathic abilities. The average of the results will be your best bet to determine whether you are psychic, and how much of the abilities you really have.

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